The passion for Training

Interview with Ingrid Molan, trainer of Training for Trainers 2015

The project organised by AEGEE Bucuresti Training for Trainers has finished some time ago. There have been 7 busy days for everyone, full of new information, new people, challenges and emotions. We hope you had a great time in Bucharest!

A: Hello! First of all, please, tell us a few things about you and about your experience as a trainer!

I: I’m Ingrid, a psychologist and a student of an international Master in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology at University of Valencia. One of my favourite sayings from Hegel captures the importance of passion and how nothing great in the world has not been accomplished without it. I am passionate about personal and professional development, long discussions, tea, sun and training, among other things. When I attended my Train-the-Trainer course in February 2011, I knew training is something I want to pursue for a lifetime. Since then, I have delivered many training sessions and workshops on various topics, mostly related to psychology, project management, and trainer’s skills. For two years I worked as a Head of Educational Board and Training Manager in one national student organization in Slovenia, where I established a training system and trainers’ pool.

A: Why did you choose to be a trainer for Training for Trainers?

I: Since I started my master course in Valencia I didn’t have much time for anything else apart for the studies; I missed my trainer’s life. When this call for T4T in Bucharest came, I knew I had to apply and make a study break. It felt so good to be back, that I must confess.

A: What were the challenges you went through during the project?

I: One of the biggest challenges I usually face in all T4Ts I have delivered so far is how to share all the knowledge I have gained as a trainer in this short period of time. Sessions are never long enough. For this reason I really appreciate if participants are active and eager to learn, ask a lot and absorb every given piece of information. Their questions make the knowledge transfer easier, as participants guide my focus; nevertheless one should not forget about details that make an excellent trainer. Those are the messages I try to convey, especially to more advanced participants.

A: We think the participants gathered a lot of knowledge from you. Do you think they are ready for delivering a successful training?

I: I believe every participant has gained sufficient knowledge to deliver a solid training session. I saw great potential in all of them. From this moment on it is upon them how much they will invest in their further development as trainers. I believe practice is needed to fully understand how training delivery really works so I hope participants will be as motivated to continue their trainer’s paths as they we eager to participate in the learning process.

A: We are curious, what was your impression about Romania, after the first day here? How would you describe Romania now?

I: The first impression developed soon after I landed in Bucharest; I was interested in learning about the culture as it was my first visit to Romania. I was surprised by affordable prices and its diversity in terms of people, architecture etc. I have really enjoyed the Romanian cuisine, Bucharest’s parks and the city. I was able to see a lot of construction work going on, so I believe the country’s progress shall be optimal; as for the people that I met I can say they are very hospitable, helpful and caring.

Thanks for answering the questions! 🙂

Bianca Crăciunescu



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