University Degree an asset, preferably with a business major/marketing and/or equivalent experience and/or training
Competent use of Ms Office (Excel, Word, Access) and Outlook
Excellent command of English
Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills to be able to quickly determine root causes of problems and direct customers to the appropriate teams for support
Knowledge of the telecom industry
Knowledge of the Internet, Internet technologies, and technological/industry trends, as well as personal computers, e-mail and operating systems, dial-up and high-speed Internet connectivity
Knowledge and experience utilizing sales techniques and strategies preferred
Outbound experience is considered a plus
Strong analytical ability in discerning priority and non-priority issues; making decisions from a number of alternatives based on logic and fact
Demonstrated initiative in planning and organizing activities to accommodate workload demands
Demonstrated ability to negotiate skillfully, even in challenging situations, seeking a balance between client and business needs
Demonstrated ability to work within a team environment



The Customer Support Specialist plays a pivotal role through our proactive contact and coverage strategy,
Utilizing a consultative approach you will proactively contact customers over the phone,
Effectively implement special campaigns designed to learn more about our customers,
Improve Likelihood to recommend by testing for satisfaction and leveraging the broader team,
Direct the customer to appropriate sales and support teams as necessary,
Capacity to analyze client information, provide recommendations on possible improvements to products and services and offer long-term solutions to retain clients.

We offer:

Stable job – we offer permanent labor contracts

Flexible time – we offer flexible work schedules, with 4, 6 or 8 hours per day

International career – we offer regular training (CallPoint Academy) and international career opportunities

Multilingual exposure – we serve international clients daily – join us and improve your spoken and written language skills with native speakers

Positive environment – we care about the well-being of our employees, invest in their development, encourage fun and team building initiatives

Community projects – we run CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events all year long. Make the world better, together with us!


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