Bucharest Summer University 2011 – an international summer school for students filled with energy!

The application period for Bucharest Summer University 2011 has begun! Are you ready for an energetic summer?  Apply now at www.bsu.ase.ro.

Bucharest Summer University is an international summer school, held over a period of 2 weeks, between the 14th and 28th of August 2011, organized by the Students’ Senate under the aegis of the Bucharest University of Economics, ASE, Romania, in partnership with business, press and non-profit organizations.

Bucharest Summer University 2011 is the seventh edition of this successful, academic and intercultural event. This year’s edition will focus upon the theme of:


Get ready to be one of the 55 participants from all over the world who will take part at amazing lectures held by well-known international speakers, both from the academic and business area.

We challenge you  to find out more about different subject areas such as the traditional types of energy, practices and prices in the energy field from different countries, the energy market, the energy security, or  the potential of renewable energy. And this is just the beginning!

In order for you to have the summer experience o f a lifetime we have prepared many surprises, parties and, furthermore, one week-end trip to explore some beautiful worth-seeing destinations throughout Romania.

The deadline is 10th of June 2011 for full-scholarship applications and 24th of June for partial and standard applications! Hurry up and visit us at www.bsu.ase.ro to find out more about BSU 2011!

Be the energy of this summer!

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