PRES2 – 7 days of communication and public relations in an multicultural environment

The domain of communication and public relations has developed rapidly in the past decade. It represents one of the most important department in an organisation because its main purpose is to construct and promote the image of it. The domain of communication and its various forms of representation: PR, Advertising, Photo, Film, Strategy, represent at the same time a science and an art. In order to create and sustain a powerful image of the organisation it is a must to understand and use in an appropriate manner all these elements.

At the beginning of May,  AEGEE-Novi Sad created the best context for a better understanding of communication and Public Relations by organizing a week-long advance training course, the Public Relations European School (PRES2). One of the purpose of this event was to create a multicultural environment so  PRES2 manager Anita Kalmane and her team welcomed AEGEE members as well as other NGO members across Europe. The event schedule, centered on trainings, team work, and socializing programme was both professional and entertaining.

PRES2 trainings focused on different directions of PR domain that are in fact interconnected starting from a general view on PR and Intercultural issue to the strategy aspect, social media and design. The four trainers: Michael Makowiecki, representative of the Comite Directeur of AEGEE-Europe spoke about PR Strategy, Communication and Social Media, Miguel Gallardo Albajar AEGEE-Academy representative led a session of Intercultural Communication and partnership, Alexandra Tomescu Case Manager was responsible for case studies assignments and also facilitated a discussion on PR and marketing, Isaac Andela from AEGEE-Utrecht led two sessions on Graphic Design.

This programme succeeded to develop an interesting combination of theory and practice. The … participants had to attend three types of activities: trainings  and two practical situations. First, it was about a Case study in which each team consisting in 4 or 5 people had to work on a PR strategy taking into account a given start point. Each trainer was a mentor for a team. Next task was a daily one  in which a group of two participants had to report the events from that day using media tools: an article, a video, a podcast, a photo collage. All these materials made by participants were posted on PRES2 site.

On the fifth day, the participants visited  one of the important television station from Belgrad – B92  and discussed with the PR Manager what does it mean Public Relations and Communication in the news domain.

The diversity of cultures and thoughts among participants shaped a creative environment in which they worked together, shared ideas about their culture and tradition but in the end they all enjoyed the large group being one of the best example of „union in diversity”.

Nowadays, all people know the fact that equilibrium and well-fonction of modern societies depend on communication. This idea generates the development of a strong network taking into account various types of communication and in the end we have to deal with a very strong connection within those elements. This is the reason for which PR and communication are so important in our society because they represent the key- elements, the most powerful tools in developing and preserving a strong image.  (by Raluca Bercea)

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