What happened on NYE?

Well, unlikely the most of you I took the chance to join some friends of AEGEE-Bucuresti to the New Year trip to Costinesti and I must say it was a good idea.

First of all it was a different new year celebration, a week of holiday and relax purposed on re-filling the energy batteries. It worked.

Together with Petre Fluerasu and Daniela Savuica we went there on the 29th (Andreea Draghici joined us the next day), first train to Constanta and then a smaller train to Costinesti. One high vagon, I wonder how can disabled ppl get in there…
Anyway, the accomodation was fine, a nice private house with many double rooms, internet, tv, friendly hosts and a little black pet who was welcoming us everytime we went to the kitchen to cook. So cute.

Imagine a full-week of relax, to sleep until late morning/early afternoon and to visit around in the afternoon. The seaside in winter is calm and Costinesti (and Vama Veche) are desert. Completely deserts, we have met five people while crossing the town to reach the seaside, and more dogs than humans.

Costinesti and Vama Veche are ghost towns in winter season, there is really no one walking on streets and everything looks closed. Everything is closed, the whole party industry that in summer can host thousands of party people it’s shut down.

There was ice on the beach, the sand was frozen and not soft as in summer, also the wind was freezing cold…

In the night we had private parties, table games and card games. Drinking and eating, movie sessions and few sleep.
We had a little sleep on new year as well, we spent the midnight in Constanta. A dinner there, then we have enjoied a walk to the centre looking for clubs.

On midnight many people got on the street to fire fireworks and celebrate the new year, we were on a crossroad and there we had the chance to enjoy many fireworks, which was great! After that we got few bottles of sparkling wine, sweet for the girls and dry for the boys and we kept on warming up.
Obviously the day after we didn’t see each other’s face until the afternoon, due to a natural oversleeping session. Oh yeah, a long sleep is what it makes you feel better.

In the end it was a great idea to join this new year local event, it really served the purpose to relax and enjoy in a quiet place with cool people. It’s highly reccomanded to any of you/readers to join them next year!

by Mickey from AEGEE-Brescia


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