The SU effect

Organizing this year’s Summer University was a different experience. There were two weeks of travel, fun, hard work  from Bucharest to Cluj. But we made it happen!

In Bucharest we all loved visiting to the House of Parliament, where the participants were impressed to visit the world’s second largest building. We had a really nice time in the Valley of the Kings , where some of them tried for the first time the water pipe. The old city center was great, and we all had a lot of fun (flash-mob, visit to the pharmacy, almost getting lost, fighting the heet). There was a Wild Party, and we got things a bit wild.

Then it was time to  go to Slanic Prahova, where we all frozen together and enjoyed the atmosphere. But it was a unique experience! The salt mine was amazing.

Brasov was another great place, we had the city tour and went “Transylvania style” at the Vampire Party, where everybody dressed up and put white and red make-up on, to seem scary. Then the next day we climbed to Tampa [Brasov letters] and we all enjoyed the wonderful view. The Romanian Language Course was fun, and the participants kept repeating some words (maybe they sounded nice) and we harassed them with new words.

In Sibiu the city tour was nice, and we changed a bit the scenery. The help from AEGEE Sibiu was very useful.

For visiting Sighisoara, the road was long and tiring, but in the short time we got to be there, we wanted to take advantage of it and visit the most of the fortress and the center.

Cluj was our final destination and it was great!
So, for sure we’ll going to organize another one next year! 🙂


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