Dear AEGEE Bucuresti members,

There are only few days left to apply for the most imPRessing event of the year!  

Have you always wanted to know how to PRomote things and events really effectively? How to cooperate with media and PaRtners? How to communicate so that you would be listened to?… 

If yes, then Public Relations European School is just  perfect for you! The Training Course will last between 21 and 29 of November in Leiden, a beautiful town in the Netherlands.

 Leave the conventional way of thinking and start leading your thoughts out of the box!

During this training course you will get to know:

* How to develop a PR Strategy?
* Types of media and how to use them
* Designing a sound message for your target audience
* Presentation techniques & body language
* Creative thinking techniques
* Journalism and PR

And of course many more!

 How much does it cost?

Accommodation, meals, training materials and social program will be provided for the participation fee being only 60 Euros. 

Interested? Don’t wait and APPLY NOW on

You have time only till 9th of October! 

More information about the event can be found on the webpage:

 We are waiting for YOU! 🙂

PRES1 Organizing Team


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